1. How do I know my size?
- The shoes are similar to Vincci Sizing

Use this to guide you

Vincci 3 = 34
Vincci 4 = 35
Vincci 5 = 36
Vincci 6 = 37
Vincci 7 = 38
Vincci 8 = 39
Vincci 9 = 40
Vincci 10 = 41

You could also trace your footprint on a piece of paper then measure the widest and longest part of it
compare it to this chart:

2. How long will the shoes arrive?
-It depends on which shipment you choose:
  • Marine shipment ( 3-5 weeks)
  • Air freight (1-2 weeks)

3. What is the difference between air freight and marine shipment?
- The only difference is that air freight takes 2 weeks while Marine shipment takes 5 weeks. Both options have no extra charges.

4. Are the shoes made out of pig-skin lining?
Nope they are not, we have had Muslim customers before and so far no complaints, they're safe for everybody :D

5. Why have my shoes not arrived yet?
Sometimes shipments are delayed due to various reasons and we have no control over the delay.

6. How come this design is out of stock?
Designs come and go very quickly in the factories so the stock, like in any other store, does run out.

7. The design I wanted before was out of stock and now it's available! How is this?!
We change suppliers a few times for this very reason. Some suppliers have the stock, some don't, so we always keep a look out for the supplier who has stock for all designs :)

8. Why are you not replying my emails/order forms?!
We constantly check my emails every single day, if I do not reply within 24 hours I could be away the whole day without internet access so can only reply when I'm back home,

as for the order forms, please don't forget to enter the captcha key at the bottom or else it will NOT be sent to our email address

If you have any questions or doubts,
just email me at weloveyoushoes@gmail.com
we'll be happy to help you out :)


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